ESSENS is constantly attracting the best people from the whole world and those who joined us on the 11th – 12th of January, 2020 in Prague, witnessed incredible inspiration and motivation for 2020.

ESSENS Kick Off 4 Elements. Four elements, four basic ESSENS values, four live themes. Health, beauty, ecology and prosperity. Inspiration, motivation, innovation and information.

During the event, a completely unique BMW i8 was unveiled, which was purchased by ESSENS, so that the proceeds from the sale can be donated to the world environmental project. The vehicle, whose base surface is pure gold, painted by hand by world´s lists painter and artist of Czech origin Mr. Milan Kunc whose inspiration were the four basic elements. These elements have also been projected into a new limited-edition perfume, whose partial profit will be donated to the already mentioned project aiming to clean up the world oceans contaminated by tons of garbage and plastic.
Stage Kick OFF, however, did not belong only to BMW and their representatives Robert Islinger and Ing. Jana Dvořáková. New perfumes of limited-edition were introduced by Ahmed Yiğider from Seluz, and a very motivating speech was given by Jan Mühlfeit, a global strategist, top managers and Olympic winners coach, and author of the international bestseller The Positive Leader. On Sunday an amazing performance was given by Frazer Brookes, a multi-level expert with a promoter of business strategy based on social media.

At the very end of the event, the founder and owner of the company Mr Michal Kovář took to the stage, presenting awards for the third marketing plan to the most successful leaders of 2019.

All of you who stayed for the AFTER PARTY, could experience a completely private concert performance by famous DJ BOBO!


We believe that you took the most out of the emotional weekend, realized new opportunities, became more creative/became inspired to be more creative, productive, and giving your life a new sense.


You have learned a lot of new information directly from ESSENS owner, familiarized with exclusive 2020 innovations and projects, and were the first to browse through the new catalogues.


Together with your team, you have had a unique opportunity to recharge your inner drive and support and become part of the ESSENS family with thousands of international Club members.


We want the best for you, so we keep pace with world trends, with an uncompromising emphasis on quality and environmental friendliness.



Who amazed you:

Jan Mühlfeit

Former CEO of Microsoft Europe

Jan Mühlfeit is a global strategist, coach of top managers, Olympic winners, artists and author of the international bestseller The Positive Leader. Jan has a very successful 22-year career at Microsoft, where he worked in various leadership roles. His last work at Microsoft was as President for Europe (2007-2014). He created a unique methodology to find personal excellence for individuals and teams. He works with this methodology in his seminars „Unlocking Human and Team Potential“ around the world. Jan regularly appears at the world's best universities such as Cambridge, Stanford, or Harvard.

Michal Kovář


Michal Kovář is the founder of ESSENS. He has had a very successful long-term career in similar companies, where he gained not only rich experience in this exceptional business, but also art in decision-making, selection and performing in front of people. When he decided to build the ESSENS brand in 2011, he was able to make the most of his business and strategic skills from virtually zero and with a minimum of people in his team. To this day, he is the head of the company and decides on the future direction of the company and the ESSENS brand.

Frazer Brookes

MLM Social Media Expert

Frazer is a second-generation Network Marketer. After attending his first event in 1987 in the womb of his mother, he went on to see his parents earn 8 figures from the industry. In 2010 he decided to begin his career as a distributor and in 5 years was able to build a business of over 300,000 customers using social media. In 2017 he made the decision to go 100% into coaching, speaking and consulting. In the last two years, Frazer has been able to speak on stage in 20 different countries and has helped hundreds of thousands of Networkers around the world to start, promote and grow their businesses online.

Ahmet Yigider

Marketing Director of Seluz

Ahmet Yiğider is an interdisciplinary professional and artist. He is graduated from Industrial Engineering Faculty and received his master degree in Design. Ahmet Yiğider, who has over 14 years experience in brand management and marketing management in multinational companies, has been serving as Seluz Marketing Director and Executive Board Member for 5 years. He lectured on “Design Management” in Bahcesehir University Architecture and Design Faculty between 2015-2018. It is scent, taste, stone, wood or light; any material and even any interaction with nature is a pillar for his professional or artistic creativity.

Ing. Jana Dvořáková, Ph.D

Corporate, Special Sales & E-mobility Manager

Ing. Jana Dvořáková is the Corporate Sales and Electromobility Manager at BMW Group Czech Republic. She joined this position at a time when she had 10 years of experience in marketing and 4 years of sales in multinational corporations. She is currently involved in sustainability and clean energy projects in the corporate world of the automotive industry. In this remarkably distant field, the unique combination of fine art, BMW a 360° marketing communications focuses primarily on the issue of ecology.

Robert Irlinger

Director of BMW Division

Dr. Ing. Robert Irlinger studied mechanical engineering at the renowned Technical University of Munich and in 1998 he received a doctorate in mechanical engineering. The following year he joined the BMW concern as a development engineer. He then went through several positions and managment steps and in 2012 he was appointed Chief Engineer of BMW. From his position he focused mainly on MINI cars and compact class cars. In January 2017 he became director of the BMWi division and continues to hold this position up till now.



The uniqueness of this model, and not just the unique design of our car, but the overall i8 concept with minimal impact on the environment during its development, production, operation and recycling in the future, really impressed us.

We were also intrigued by the interpretation of four elements highlighting environmental issues and the unique connection to a project aimed at clearing the oceans overloaded by millions of tons of plastic, to which the profit from the sale is dedicated.

The idea of the creators to point out to current topics in this way is profoundly meaningful and deserves maximum public coverage and thus a constant opportunity for reflection.



The Idea of four basic elements, fire, water, earth and air, pointing out to environmental issues, has inspired us to create a new perfume line.

Luxurious unisex 100ml perfumes will surely amaze you.

Also for each perfume of the 4 Elements Limited Edition, we donate 50 cents to the company which helps with cleaning our oceans burdened by milions of tons of plastic.

Try these four unique perfumes Red Fire, Blue Water, Green Earth and Purple Air and donate together with us to a good cause, because the topic of environmental pollution is currently resonating throughout the whole world.