ESSENS constantly attracts the best people from all over the world, and those who joined us on the 5th and 6th of March 2022 for the premiere of the broadcast, witnessed the largest corporate online event of the year.

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Michal Kovář


Michal Kovář is the founder of ESSENS. He has had a very successful long-term career in similar companies, where he gained not only rich experience in this exceptional business, but also art in decision-making, selection and performing in front of people. When he decided to build the ESSENS brand in 2011, he was able to make the most of his business and strategic skills from virtually zero and with a minimum of people in his team. To this day, he is the head of the company and decides on the future direction of the company and the ESSENS brand.

Todd Falcone

World-wide speaker and Multilevel marketing trainer

Todd Falcone has over three decades of successful experience in Multilevel Marketing, and is one of the most highly respected network marketing trainers in the entire world. As a distributor, he has built several successful companies and based on this experience and deep knowledge, he knows exactly what works, what doesn't work and how to achieve desired success. He is famous for his refreshing and candid style combined with humor, having his audiences both laughing and learning at the same time. Over the past 15 years, he has been teaching principles and strategies in over 30 countries, created effective training programs, including A-Team, the longest-running group coaching programme in this business field, and he is also an author of the Fearless Networking, one of the best-selling books on network marketing of all time.

Jiří Šusta

Professional guarantor ESSENS Keto

Jiří Šusta is one of the leading experts on the concept of ketodiet in the European Union. In the past, he worked in the top management of leading European companies engaged in the development and production of reduction diets and food supplements. He has defined modern principles of composition, functioning and the use of protein diets in various reduction programmes, and dozens of companies today draw on the basis of the ketodiet programme he created. He participates in the development, production and communication of a completely new, innovative ESSENS Keto product line.

Dominik Janík

CEO Citya

Dominik Janík is the co-founder and owner of Citya Mobility. In the past, he has held senior positions in companies focused on vehicle rental and passenger transport. He has 10 years of experience in building mobility business models in European markets and in Asia.



  • Todd Falcone - two educational videos How to Win BIG in Network Marketing

  • Jiří Šusta - tips, advices and principles of the ESSENS Keto product line

  • Awarding of the 3rd ESSENS Marketing Plan

  • The one and only - ESSENS CEO - Mr Michal Kovář

  • intro and launch of the 2022 Catalogues and many more interesting facts